gsr gearbox robot for gearing and testing gearboxes

  • miscellaneous shifting kinematics (central shift shaft, separate shift and choice shaft)

  • force controlled linear engines

  • measuring data storage over network


   a shifting system for upgrading from mt to amt transmissions



 endurance test bench for life cycle testing of gearboxes

  • configurable testing profiles (number of shifting sequences, shift forces)

  • storage of measuring data (all incorrect shiftings, correct shiftings with deposited storage rate)

  • intrinsic safety trough monitoring of revolutions, shifting forces, shifting paths, detection of fault shift, as well as bearing- and oil temperatures


 highly integrated measurement test bench for car gearboxes

  • measurement of all relevant parameters of the inner shifting and the actuation line

  • fully automated docking of different testing stations

  • flexible and configurable testing sequence, analysis and data storage





   driver seat test





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