GSR Gearbox Shifting Robot for gearing and testing gearboxes


The Gearbox Shifting Robot enfolded the following features:

  • force/position controlled servo axes for execution of force monitored shift movements
  • automatic detection of gear position and measurement of the shifting boundary contour
  • force controlled execution of shifting sequences and measurement of the synchronization times
  • testing avoidance of collision of the gear alley
  • measurement of axial play and transverse play of gear shift shaft


The following versions of the GSR-family are available:

GSR-ZSW - RWD-gearboxes with central shift shaft

GSR-GWS - for gearboxes separate shift and choice shaft

GSR-FWD - for FWD-gearboxes with transversal assembly and longitudinal assembly. In opposition to central shift shaft is the shift operation as rotatory, the choice operation as translatory shaft movement realised.







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