Highly integrated Measurement Test Bench for car gearboxes


Increasing requirements of automotive manufacturer on objective quality measurement methods and andvanced variant variety in the gearbox production caused highly increaing apliances for gearbox test engineering.

In addition to classical noise test benches also the acquisition of the following mechanical test criteria increasing become more important:

  • drag torque and backlash of the power train
  • axial and transverse play of gear shift shaft of the inner shift
  • shift, select and synchronization forces
  • shifting boundary contour and Freigängigkeit of the gear alley

The here unthought test bench for car gearboxes is characterised by the following characteristics:

  • verification of gearboxes with high type variance by usage of gearbox specific adaptor moduls
  • fully automated docking of various measurement and actuator stations at the in- and output side of the test sample for acquisition above mentioned inspection features
  • integrated shift robot
    • position and force control for automated detection of gear position and shifting boundary contour measurement
    • high dynamic and precise direct drives
    • digital drive bus (SERCOS) with with time-synchronized data acquisition
  • high reproducibility of results of measurement by fully automated test procedure
  • storage of measuring raw data, data reduction, automated analysis and test report creation
  • flexibilityby test run and test parameters
  • protection of investment by usage of standard components

Through the modular composition the test bench is with low costs adaptable for other test tasks and gearbox types.



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