feasibility studies

Analysis of feasibility for measurement and test tasks for one- and multi-axle acquisition of mechanical parameter (stiffness, damping, backlash, friction, moments of inertia), multi-axle forces of components by usage of decoupled cartesian movements (e.g. force transmission in axial direction with simultaneous zero control of radial forces).

ready to use test benches

Conception, development, construktion and realization of ready to use test systems for one- and multi-axle acquisition of mechanical parameters (stiffness, damping, backlash, friction, moments of inertia).
Usage of industry robots, fully automated setup and demobilize of the samples, integration in industrial workpiece transport systems

realtime control systems

Design/Realization customer specific control systems by usage of realtime operating systems VxWorks, RTLinux and RTAI
Control of digital Servo-converter (realized: ABB, Bosch, Indramat; other on request) with SERCOS-interface and Can-Bus (Lütze)
Multi-axle and robot control with force, elasticity and position control with lower controller cycle time (1ms)
Realtime measurement data transmission (5MByte/s) over TCP/IP between measurement- and operator pc
Computer connection over TCP/IP between PC and SPS S7 for online data communication

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