Since 1992 IBS operate on the following areas:

  • ready to use test benches, in particular for car gearing boxes
    • measurement of mechanical parameters at the actuation line (drag torque, torsional clearance)
    • measurement of change gear and synchronize forces, gearing and shifting boundary contour
    • endurance test bench
    • test bench for automatic uninterrupted shifted gearboxes (ASG)
  • multiax- and robot controls with force and position controls
    • force and position controls for measurement and testing applications, measurement of mechanical parameters like stiffness (stiffness matrix), slackness and friction in up to six degrees of freedom
    • control of special kinematics, parallel, serial or customer specific kinematics (haptic foot device for gait training)
    • test bench controls (multi-axle control with movement-synchronized data acquisition)
  • realtime applications with the operating systems VxWorks, RTLinux, RTAI

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